At Community Motors, we strive for excellence. Some of the quality maintenance, replacement, and repair services we offer include the following.


Anti-lock brakes ensure better control over your vehicle when you brake, and prevent the car or truck from skidding. When your ABS, or Anti-Lock Brake System light comes on, it’s time to stop by the Community Motors to get it checked.

A vehicle’s brakes are very important. The proper maintenance and service of any brake system is essential to the safety and function of a vehicle. For any brake issues, or for routine maintenance services, stop by Community Motors today for the most reliable services at the most reasonable prices!

Brake calipers clamp around the rotors and press against the brake pads when the vehicle is slowed down or brought to a stop, so allow Community Motors to inspect and replace your brake calipers in order to ensure the best brake function possible.

Over time, brake fluid will absorb enough water from the air to cause it to become corrosive, and could damage the system. Regular brake fluid flushes are imperative to keeping a break system running smoothly.

While brake hoses do not need to be changed regularly, they should be changed as soon as they show signs of wear or cracking.

Brake problems can start with worn out or faulty brake pads, and can end up destroying your rotors or drums. Before this happens, see our certified professionals to take care of any brake pad services or shoe replacements you may need.

Your vehicle’s structure is very important to its functionality, so the routine check-up and maintenance of the chassis is crucial for every car or truck. Regular inspections or a diagnosis of defects will determine the state of your vehicle’s chassis, so call for an appointment today.

Routinely checking your vehicle’s differential will ensure its function and safety when you’re on the road. Because tires spin at different speeds, the differentials are essential for any auto system to run smoothly and properly.

A driveline connects the axles of the wheels to the transmission and engine, allowing it to help power and spin the wheels. For any driveline issues or regular maintenance services, call the experts at Community Motors in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Keeping exhaust fumes away from the engine is important to the safety of the vehicle, as well as any passengers. If your exhaust sounds loud or seems to not be functioning properly, call Community Motors for a diagnosis and expert repairs.

Over time, the friction from your vehicle’s rotors can cause cracks and crevices to appear, and require resurfacing to maintain safe and smooth brake function. Squealing, wobbling, and other telltale signs of rotor wear calls for immediate attention, so call Community Motors for the best rotor resurfacing in the area!

Rough roads, speed bumps, and many other obstacles can make for a bumpy ride when your shock absorbers aren’t working at their best. Allow our trained technicians to detect any problems with your car or truck’s shocks to ensure a smooth ride for you and your passengers!

Tire deterioration, repair, and replacement services are available right here at Community Motors for reasonable prices, so make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience!

Proper alignment reduces wear and tear, allowing your vehicle to last longer and drive better for longer! For peak vehicle performance, call the dedicated professionals at Community Motors today.